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NxLeveL Canada is a growing organization and is building a national network of Distributors across Canada.
  • A Distributor is an agency, either for profit or not-for-profit that is actively involved with or wishes to be involved with the economic development of their community, and/or who works with or wishes to work with new and established small businesses. As a Distributor your primary roles are:
    • To actively market NxLeveL's programs;
    • Identify suitable Program Manager and Instructor candidates for training and certification by NxLeveL;
    • Establish a Sponsoring Coalition within the community to support NxLeveL both financially and with in-kind services;
    • Identify suitable candidates for training;
    • Deliver NxLeveL training;
    • Report on the results to NxLeveL;
    • Work with NxLeveL to identify best practices;

NxLeveL Canada does not distinguish between for profit and not-for-profit organizations. Programs are designed to generate a positive return for Distributors. For a business this represents profit and for a not-for-profit this represents additional resources. In both cases the community benefits.

  • Distributor
    • An agency or business that would like to establish a NxLeveL Canada Entrepreneurship Training Centre in their community. NxLeveL Canada will provide certification training to Program Managers and Instructors and will support the Distributor in developing the market for the programs.
    • A Distributor will offer all current and future NxLeveL programs.
    • A distributorship might be ideally suited for established training companies, Individuals, Management Consultants, Accounting companies, Community Organizations, and generally any business that has a vested interest in community economic development and that wishes to establish itself as a Centre of Excellence for entrepreneurship training.

Key Features of NxLeveL Canada Training

  • Turnkey System
    • Program Manager Training
    • Instructor Training
    • Program Manager's Manual
    • Instructor Manuals for Each Program
    • Course Books Designed for Adult Learners
    • Easy to use Workbooks
    • Resource Guides
    • Business Plan Samples
    • Support from NxLeveL
    • Networking Opportunities
    • Proven Success

Find Out More

To find out more about how you can help both you and your community prosper by becoming a NxLeveL Distributor, complete this Information Request Form or click the link on the left. We will send you more information.

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