Take Your Business to the Next Level

Take Your Business to the Next Level
is the comprehensive training program that helps established business owners move from working in their business to working on their business.

It is designed to give established business owners the tools they need to effectively plan a solid growth strategy for their business.

It introduces them to strategic planning and gives them an opportunity to dissect their business and market and develop strategies that will lead to increased sales, improved profits and business expansion.

After completing the program, participants will have written a comprehensive, well-researched growth business plan that will allow them to secure the financing they need to expand. The program is marketed as a user pay program.

12-session course delivered over a period of time. 48 hours training time + 4 hours one-on-one coaching per participant. Minimum group size recommended: 3

Session 1 - Introduction, Overview & Entrepreneurship
Session 2 - Planning & Research: Entrepreneurial Essentials
Session 3 - Organizational Matters: Management & Legal Structure
Session 4 - Marketing—“Behind the Scenes”: Analysis & Understanding
Session 5 - Marketing—“On Stage”: Strategies, Tactics & Implementation
Session 6 - Financial Overview: Books, Records & Controls
Session 7 - Managing Your Money: Financial Planning, Budgets & Assumptions
Session 8 - Managing Your Money: Developing & Using Cash Flow Projections
Session 9 - Understanding & Using Your Financial Statements
Session 10 - Financing Your Business: Alternative Sources of Money
Session 11 - The Deal Making Process: Negotiating in the Real World
Session 12 - Your Business Future: Managing Growth & Plan Completion

Program includes comprehensive textbook and interactive workbook, a companion guide as well as Instructor’s Guide and overhead presentations

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