Business Plan Basics

Business Plan Basics is a training program designed for the novice entrepreneur.

It is designed to give aspiring business owners the tools they need to effectively plan their start-up business.

It introduces them to a variety of business planning concepts and focuses on doing the research necessary to determine if the business concept is valid.
After completing the program, participants will have written a comprehensive, well-researched business plan.
The program can be incorporated into established government-funded self-employment training programs that presently operate across Canada.

Can also be distributed as a user pay program.

15-session course delivered in a variety of formats to suit local community needs: 45 hours training time + 3 hours one-on-one coaching per participant. Minimum group size recommended: 10

Session 1 - Keys to Your Business Success
Session 2 - Time and Money
Session 3 - Are You a Business Owner?
Session 4 - Will Your Idea Work?
Session 5 - Planning, Research & Your Industry
Session 6 - Business Ownership
Session 7 - Becoming a Priority Manager
Session 8 - Marketing Research & Analysis
Session 9 - Marketing Strategies
Session 10 - More Marketing Strategies
Session 11 - How to Win Customers & Grow Your Business
Session 12 - Where’s the Cash?
Session 13 - Managing the Money
Session 14 - Financial Tools, Tips & Secrets
Session 15 - Bringing It All Together!

Program includes comprehensive textbook and interactive workbook as well as Instructor’s Guide and overhead presentations.

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