Get the Buzz on Biz!

Get the Buzz on Biz! is the unique and exciting program for enterprising youth.

It is branded as the Canadian Youth Enterprise Academy.

It introduces them to the concept of creating a business rather than getting a job.

The program focuses on business planning and development with young people in mind.

It gives young people the tools they need to think about how they could use or develop the skills needed to successfully start and grow a business.

Can be incorporated into High School, College, or University Curriculum.

12-session course delivered over a period of time or as a 5 to 7 day summer youth camp: 48 hours training time + 4 hours one-on-one coaching per participant. Minimum group size recommended: 10

Module 1 - Being an Entrepreneur
Module 2 - Mind Your “Own” Business
Module 3 - Be a Legal Eagle
Module 4 - E-Commerce
Module 5 - Researching Your Idea
Module 6 - Big Time Marketing
Module 7 - Building Your Business
Module 8 - Accounting: The Language of Business
Module 9 - Managing Your Cash
Module 10 - Show Me The Money
Module 11 - Ready, Set, Charge
Module 12 - Getting Started and Managing the Future

Program includes comprehensive textbook and interactive workbook as well as Instructor’s Guide and overhead presentations.

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