Tilling the Soil of Opportunity

Tilling the Soil of Opportunity
is a program designed to help farmers and producers become better business people.

It introduces them to the concept of market-driven agriculture as opposed to product-driven agriculture. The program focuses on value added agriculture, direct marketing, agri-tourism and farm diversification.

It gives producers the tools they need to become adept at operating on the basis of sound business practices and profit concepts, while reducing reliance on government handouts.

10-session course delivered over a period of time: 40 hours training time + 4 hours one-one-one coaching per participant. Minimum group size recommended: 5

Session 1 - Take Stock of Your Resources
Session 2 - Basic Equipment Required: Planning and Research
Session 3 - The Legal Terrain
Session 4 - Manage from the Ground Up
Session 5 - Plant It, Grow It, Market It
Session 6 - Reap the Benefits-Marketing Strategies
Session 7 - Get Your Budgets In Line
Session 8 - Analyze THESE: Cash Flow and Financial Statements
Session 9 - Cultivate Your Money Resources
Session 10 - Harvest Your Future

Program includes comprehensive textbook and interactive workbook as well as Instructor’s Guide and overhead presentations.

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