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NxLeveL® Education's mission is to serve as an entrepreneur training network to support and strengthen small businesses and promote economic development.

NxLeveL® has become the premier entrepreneurial training program in the United States through the development and delivery of programs designed to teach best practices for small businesses. More than 125,000 entrepreneurs, aspiring entrepreneurs, and small business owners have completed NxLeveL® courses. In addition, there are over 5,000 certified NxLeveL® instructors in the U.S. NxLeveL®programs are now available in Canada through NxLeveL®Canada Inc. All of the programs have been rewritten and updated for Canadian content.

NxLeveL®Canada is positioning itself to become the largest provider of entrepreneurship training programs in Canada. Its mission is to “Help Entrepreneurs Reach the Next Level of Success.”

Tiling the Soil of Opportunity

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